securKEY is a document encrypting device. Your documents in computer can be put under protection by securKEY. Protected documents can only be viewed if securKEY is connected. If securKEY isn’t connected your documents can’t be opened in any computer or operation system. Thus unauthorized people can’t view the content of your document.

  • Encript Your Documents, Photos, Musics, Videos, Projects, etc.
  • Protect Your Cloud Account Files
  • You Don't Need To Install Driver For securKEY
  • 256 Bit AES Encryption

securKEY is a USB key that developed for security purposes which can encrypt your folders, documents, pictures, musics, videos and projects.

You can store and transfer your documents without any risk.

Documents that protected by securKEY can be and be used on local disk, network share, external storage or cloud.

securKEY is not a flash disk and datas can not be copied or stored in it.