securKEY VDI

With securKEY VDI, PCs and Virtual Servers can be secured with two factor. You can verify your identity with “something you know” and securKEY VDI. No one can access to your desktop remotely without securKEY even if username and password is known.

  • Access your virtual computers and networks safely with 2 factor safety.

    Something you know: Username&password
    Something you have: securKEY VDI

  • Make your identity safe on access to cloud systems.
  • No one will be able to log in with any RDP Potocol without your securKEY device. Put under control of authorized users are able to access your virtual systems.
  • While managing Windows OS based networks from other computers, one of the services you can use is Remote Desktop Services. People use Remote Desktop Services to perform administrative level actions and perform end user actions .
  • In design of Remote Desktop Protocol, there is no authentication mechanism to verify if you are conncting the computer that you wanted to connect. Network can easily verify user if user knows username and password.
  • VDI technolohy is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. We provide virtual computers to end user with Virtual Desktop protocols.
  • Move your Corporate Network to cloud, we can secure it with securKEY VDI. (Only for Windows OS)