securKEY OneDrive for Business

USB Storage units and local disks are replaced with Cloud Systems with the increase of internet access speed. Users are using cloud systems more than hardware storages and experiencing less data loss.

With the increase in access speeds and the ease of access, the cloud accounts have taken the place of hard disk and usb memory. People now store their data in cloud technology calculations instead of hard disk and usb devices. With cloud technology, people no longer suffer data loss due to the hard drives and USB devices they use to transport and store data, and they have low-cost cloud accounts.

But end users abstain from cloud systems because personal data security risk.

One of the biggest problem of today’s world is the risk of our personal datas can be stolen.

You can encrypt your documents on Cloud Accounts to prevent unauthorized people to view them. By doing that you can store your documents without risk.

securKEY makes your data impossible to be stolen and viewed from cloud accounts.