securKEY Mail

Your e-mails can be stolen and viewed by unauthorized people from mail account, mail application or mail server. Protect your e-mails with securKEY. Don’t let unauthorized people view your e-mails.

For safe e-mail communication use securKEY, keep your e-mails private.

With securKEY Mail only real reciever(s) can view you e-mails. Don’t share your mails with a third person whitout knowing. With Outlook application protect your mails easily.

E-mails that you protected are encrypted with AES 256 bit algorithm. Unauthorized people can’t access your mails.

You can safely share your mails with coworkers and provide safe communication with your protected mails.

You can categorize your mails and only authorized people can view protected mails.

securKEY Mail Specifications

*** 2 Factors Safety

*** Micro-processor Based Protection

*** Rados Irreproducible Data Traffic System

*** Unique Algorithms

*** USB Interface

*** Driverless Installation

*** Self-Lock When Detects Unauthorized Actions