What is securKEY?

securKEY is a document encrypting device. Your documents in computer can be put under protection by securKEY. Protected documents can only be viewed if securKEY is connected. If securKEY isn’t connected your documents can’t be opened in any computer or operation system. Thus unauthorized people can’t view the content of your document.

securKEY is a USB key that developed to encrypt your datas on computer. Protected document’s type, size and location is not important.

You can store and transfer your documents without any risk.

Documents that protected by securKEY can be and be used on local disk, network share, external storage or cloud.

SecurKEY Technical Specifications

Microprocessor Based Architecture:

securKEY works microprocessor based and the processor used in securKEY is most preferred processor for military projects. It uses a system that can not be copied, viewed or interfere.

Embedded Encryption Algorithm:

securKEY has 256 bit AES encryption engine. In hardware key check, essential point is not to check with connected-not connected status but check with if it can decrypt a data it has encrypted before with your unique algorithm. 256 bit AES is one of the safest algorithm worldwide known and accepted.

Line Security Algorithm (First and only in the world):

Encryption keys are the most attacked units in the world. With RADOS irreproducible data traffic system securKEY is impossible to be emulated. The chances of a data to repeat is 1 over ~ 8,135*10^2311. Even if the line is listened it is impossible to get a data.

Driverless USB Installation:

securKEY is automatically identified by operating systems, there is no need to install a driver. Therefore it removes any problem that may occur because of driver and software installation.

Self-Lock When Detects Unauthorized Actions:

securKEY doesn’t allow to be emulated. If device detects an unauthorized action, it applies 2 phase self-lock. When detects unauthorized operational action try it partially locks itself and only our company can unlock it. When detects unauthorized administrative action try, it completely locks itself and can not be run again.

Product Specifications

* Microprocessor Based Protection

* Embedded 256 Bit AES Encryption Engine

* Rados Irreproducible Data Traffic System

* Unique Algorithm

* USB Interface

* Driverless Installation

* Self-Lock When Detects Unauthorized Actions

* Compatible with All Windows Platforms